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Turska's Revised, 2 oz - Dr. Lauren Deville

Turska's Revised, 2 oz

Wise Woman Herbals

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This herbal combo helps to shrink uterine fibroids. Do NOT take more than the recommended dose, because it is possible to overdose. I usually ultrasound before initiating treatment, and again 3-6 months later. 

Recommended Dose: 5 drops in water, 3-4 times daily.


Vitex agn. (chaste tree) O, Arctium lap. (burdock) W, Ceanothus ame. (red root) W, Chamaelirium lut. (false unicorn) W, Serenoa rep. (saw palmetto) W, Baptisia tin. (wild indigo) W, Gelsemium sem. (yellow jasmine) W, Iris ver. (blue flag) W, Phytolacca ame. (poke root) W, Zanthoxylum c.-h. (prickly ash bark) W, Zingiber off. (ginger) O, and Aconitum nap. (aconite) B in a base of organic alcohol, spring water, and vegetable glycerine. 

O = Organic
W = Wildcrafted
B = Best Quality

Pure grain alcohol: 50-55%

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