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Gaia - Sweetish Bitters, 2 oz

Gaia Herbs

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Bitters help the stomach to secrete HCl for digestion of proteins. Great for hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) and a good overall digestive aid.

Caution: It doesn't taste great, but that's kind of the point (the bitter flavor is what stimulates secretion of digestive juices). 

Recommended Dose: Add 60 drops to a small amount of water and take 15-20 minutes before meals 3 times each day.


Serving Size: 60 Drops

Amount Per Serving:
Proprietary Blend
Extracts From:
Turmeric rhizome* (curcuma longa),
Milk Thistle seed* (silybum mananum),
wild yam root+, (dioscorea vilosa),
Fennel seed* (foeniculum vulgare),
blend of sea vegetation+,
Dandelion root* (Taraxacum officinale),
gentian root* (gentiana luten), 
Cardamon seed* (elettaria cardamomum), 
ginger rhizome* (zingiber officinale),
indian gooseberry+ (emblica officinalis),
anise seed essence+ (pimpinella anisum),
bitter orange essence+ (citrus spp), 
water and 50-60% pure grain alcohol USP

+ Ecologically Harvested
* Certified Organic Ingredient

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