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Inositol (Powder), 250g

Pure Encapsulations

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Inositol is a second messenger for serotonin, a prebiotic for the good bacteria in your gut, and also helps to regulate ovarian function. I most commonly prescribe it for anxiety, or for PCOS.

Recommended Dose: In both cases the dose is 2 scoops daily. 

Caution: Be aware that the main side effect is gas and bloating, because inositol is a prebiotic... therefore if you have an overgrowth of bad gut flora, they'll eat it too. You can usually mitigate this by decreasing the dose, but if you have the side effect it's a good sign that you also need to up your probiotic dose. 


Serving Size: 2 scoops

Amount Per Serving
inositol ...
4.2g (as myo-inositol)

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