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Even More Delightfully Free by Tracy Hill - Dr. Lauren Deville

Even More Delightfully Free by Tracy Hill

Tracy Hill

  • $ 29.95

Even More Delightfully Free offers even more favorite dishes that not only taste fabulous, but are fabulously clean, nutritious & healthy. Every recipe is free of gluten, dairy, refined-sugar, soy, corn, yeast, oats, dye, peanuts & artificial sweeteners. Of the 166 recipes, 135 are grain free, including breads, muffins & cakes. There are also egg-free, vegetarian & vegan recipes. Creatively using natural, whole foods as ingredients resulted in healthy versions of moist, delicious breads, guilt-free pizzas, chips & crackers, creamy cheesecake & ice creams, plus fresh takes on vegetable dishes, salads & "Pasta & Rice Alternatives". These & many other favorites that we thought we would never have again are back! Right where Delightfully Free left off, this book picks up, offering even more reasons to love our food & live Even More Delightfully Free!

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