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A.C. Formula II, 60 Caps - Dr. Lauren Deville

A.C. Formula II, 60 Caps

Pure Encapsulations

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If you're trying to kill off candida, AND you have a sensitivity to garlic, then A.C. Formula II is the supplement to try. If you do not have a sensitivity to garlic, I recommend CandidaStat.

Recommended Dose: 2 caps three times daily for the first bottle, then drop down to 1 cap three times daily for the rest of the 6 weeks. 

Note: Die-off can happen! If you start feeling achy and flu-like in the first week of taking this, that's probably what it is. Get some activated charcoal, and take 2 caps three times daily for five days with 8 oz water each time if die-off occurs to bind the pieces of the candida cell wall and get them out of your body. 


Serving Size: 2 capsules.

Amount Per Serving:

Calcium ... 44mg (as calcium undecylenate and calcium caprylate)
Magnesium ... 17mg (as magnesium caprylate)
Caprylic acid ... 400mg (as calcium and magnesium caprylate)
Bromelain ... 250mg (2400 GDU/g)
Undecylenic acid ... 125mg
Grapefruit seed extract ... 100mg
Berberine sulfate ... 50mg (hypo-allergenic plant fiber added to complete capsule volume requirement)

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